Crafted by Heart

HUMOR tacos, guac, & queso // 3.5x5 wooden pennant

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second to spreading love, I think this world could use a little more laughter. and being Texas born & raised, I can’t rave enough about delicious Tex-Mex food. I was having a conversation about food with friends & one said “Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday” (she also lived in Texas once & shares my love of all things Tex-Mex)…and thus the idea for this collection was born. #texasforever

  • tacos aren't just for tuesday
  • queso is the way to my heart
  • I know the guac is extra

>> original design & handmade with love by Olivia. since each wooden pennant is hand stained, please expect color variation (example of variation shown in images). each item is perfectly imperfect because it's handmade with love. #youareSOloved #craftedbyheart

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